How to get a list of glycan structures of human?

SPARQL query

PREFIX dcterms: <>
PREFIX glycan: <>
PREFIX glytoucan: <>

SELECT DISTINCT ?accNum ?taxon_id   (str(?sequence) AS ?sequence_list)
	 ?saccharide  glytoucan:has_primary_id ?accNum .
	 ?saccharide glycan:is_from_source ?source.
	 ?source a glycan:Source .

	 VALUES ?taxon_id {"9606"}
	 ?source dcterms:identifier ?taxon_id .
	 ?saccharide glycan:has_glycosequence ?gseq.
	 ?gseq glycan:has_sequence ?sequence.
	 ?gseq glycan:in_carbohydrate_format glycan:carbohydrate_format_iupac_condensed.
} limit 100

GlyTouCan Endpoint

glytoucan endpoint

past sparql query

A. This image (a sorrowful toucan) indicates that the selected glycan could not be drawn using our image-drawing software based on the glycan sequence. Reasons for this may include the fact that the glycan contains particularities that could not be drawn, such as unexpected modifications.