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Bioprocessing Technology Institute BTI has core expertise in bioprocess science and engineering and has initiated new research programmes that will complement, add onto, as well as exploit existing capabilities. For more details. ASTAR
CSDB Zelinsky Institute CSDB is the structure / taxonomy / bibliography / NMR database for prokaryotic, plant and fungal carbohydrates and derivatives.
EPS Database The EPS Database provides access to detailed structural, taxonomic and bibliographic information on bacterial EPS. (Check more details on home page.)
GlycoNAVI GlycoNAVI is a gateway to free suite of carbohydrate research tools. It will let you access to variety of information and assist your research. About
GRITS Toolbox GRITS Toolbox is a modular software suite for processing, annotating and archiving of glycomics data with a focus on MS data. (More details on home page.) NIGMS
Institute of Biomedicine, University of Gothenburg Glyco Inflammatory Group (GIG). Exploring the role of glycosylation for extracellular signalling using mass spectrometry and developing mass spectrometric tools and databases.
Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics ExPASy is an extensible and integrative portal accessing many scientific resources, databases and software tools in different areas of life sciences. More details on their website. SIB
Unicarb-DB In the endeavour to make glycomics a part of mainstream life science research, we believe that it is important to assemble glycan structure databases together with the experimental attributes this data has generated. See more details NECTAR - ANDS - STINT - SIB ExPASy - GGE
Unicarb-KB UniCarbKB is an initiative that aims to promote the creation of an online information storage and search platform for glycomics and glycobiology research. (Taken from the main site.) Other details NECTAR - ANDS - STINT - SIB ExPASy