Program Objectives

The GlyTouCan Partner program is a set of specialized functionality for organizations managing their own Glycan information within their research.

It primarily allows for the automation of registering glycan structures, as well as linking back to the partner member’s web site. The main goal of this program is to expand the Linked Data network within the Glyco-biology community.

The current list of organizations participating in this program is available here.


  1. Naming of Structures - The ability to give a name or notation for a structure. This will ease searching through all of the glycans in the repository.
  2. Registering of Motifs - The ability to specify a name and structure to be a specialized “Motif” pattern will allow for easier substructure searching.
  3. Automatic Registration - It is possible to integrate GlyTouCan’s client software in order to have participating systems register structures that were already stored or newly researched.
  4. Up-to-date analysis - The GlyTouCan registration process analyzes the structures and provides a vast amount of information regarding the subject.
  5. Automatic Linking - Either through the registration client above, or through the Repository web site, links back to the participating website can be automatically generated.
  6. User detection - Members of each partner organization will have the ability to modify the partner id stored within the repository. Thus fixing or adding links between the systems.
  7. Closer interaction with the GlyTouCan team to influence new functionality and system enhancements.

Partner Registration process

Becoming a partner is very simple. The first step would be to join the GLIC organization. From there, a core information such as a website address, and a link template(if you would like to link back) would be necessary. This is committed into the GlycoRDF as a Named Individual class. A request will be sent to confirm the information to all members of GLIC, and from there it will be merged into the RDF. GlyTouCan will upload this new version of the RDF into its repository and will begin using the new data. The only information needed after this step is the list of the members email addresses of the organization. Once all members have been registered into GlyTouCan, the member role information will be modified to indicate they are a partner member.

Created with Raphaël 2.1.2StartJoin GLICRequest GlycoRDF modificationValid RDF?Member list submissionNew GlyTouCan Partneryesno

How does it automatically register?

The GlyTouCan Client can be integrated into a partner’s current systems in order to systematically register structures once they are input.

Schedule permitting, the GlyTouCan team will be able to assist in implementation.

Once the Partner Registration process is complete, GlyTouCan detects if the user is a partner member. Specialized pages and functionality will be then accessible to the user such as modifying the id of structures available.

When registering structures, the partner’s glycan id can be submitted along with the structure data. This will be used with the url template provided in the Partner Registration process. The newly registered structure will then have an entry linking back based on the url template and id.

System flow

The following diagram describes the system flow of a partner registration. As can be seen in the final step, the GlyTouCan Accession number is also returned, so that partners can identify the structure and if necessary link to the entry on the website.

Registration System Flow

Any questions?

Please contact us by sending us an email at

For those interested in the technical details behind the partner program, documentation is available