July 15, 2016

Decompressing Repeating Structures

Natural structures versus Data Structures

Glycan structures can have a specific number of repeating monosaccharides.


However redundancy is not interesting so there are tendencies to compress them in a specific fashion.


The same can be said about the text sequences.

It should be noted that in all cases where there is a repeating structure with limited number of repeats, it is decompressed to have linkages fully defined and displayed. Any textual format that indicates repeating structure will be decompressed. This decompressed format will be used as a replacement for any queries or relations with other structures.

So when you request a search for the following: compressed

GlyTouCan will assume you are actually searching for: decompressed

About the author

Nobuyuki Aoki is a Systems Engineer/Consultant at SparqLite LLC. Technical architect, Random Programmer, and Official Plant Watcher of the glycan repository project.