May 15, 2015
November 5, 2019 (Last Updated)

Querying Structures

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Graphical Interface

To search registered glycans with a specific structural fragment, it is possible to build through a graphical interface as shown in the figure. The tool used is based on the work done for GlycanBuilder with Vaadin as described in

Damerell D, Ceroni A, Maass K, Ranzinger R, Dell A, Haslam SM. The GlycanBuilder and GlycoWorkbench glycoinformatics tools: updates and new developments. Biol Chem. 2012;393:1357–1362. PubMed.

It is possible to create or extend from existing structures within this interface.

Glytoucan Graphical Interface

Note: User registration is not required to query for a structure.

Once the structure is complete, a sequence is generated from the input and send to GlyCosmos text search interface.

Glycosmos Text Search Interface

Click the search button to perform a complete match search. As a result, the image of the matched glycan structure and the accession number are displayed.

Glytoucan Graphical Interface Results

Note: The search result can be download as a CSV file.

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