May 15, 2015
January 12, 2018 (Last Updated)

Querying Structures

    Reviewed by Kiyoko Kinoshita

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Text Interface

Another method to query structures is via the text interface. If the glycan structure sequence string is known, and the format is one of the following:

  • GlycoCT condensed

The sequence can be typed or pasted into the text area input screen.

Glytoucan Text Interface

Only one sequence can be pasted into this field. Please be careful of whitespace when pasting text.

Once entered, any related super-structures will be displayed. If the input structure is not registered, it will indicate so as it will not have an Accession Number.

Glytoucan Graphical Interface

Please note that the sequence is converted to WURCS, and the WURCS sequence is used to search for the structure

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Nobuyuki Aoki is a research assistant at Soka University. Technical architect, Random Programmer, and Official Plant Watcher of the glycan repository project.