May 15, 2015

Registering Structures

    Reviewed by Kiyoko Kinoshita

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Upload Interface

In order to handle a bulk number of sequence registrations, the file upload interface is provided. The sequence format restrictions are the same as the text registration interface; however another restriction is not more than 500 sequences can be uploaded at a time. If more sequences are required, please contact us to discuss other methods of registration.

Glytoucan Text Interface Not more than 500 sequences can be uploaded at a time

Once entered, each structure will be checked for redundancy and if not previously registered, the confirmation screen will be shown.

Glytoucan Graphical Interface

The sequences input will be converted into WURCS and displayed on this screen. The results on this screen can be downloaded into a spreadsheet format for review.

Please note the checkbox to the left of each structure result, as there can be multiple structures registered on this page, and a checkbox is provided to choose the sequence that is to be submitted. For those that are checked, a new Accession number will be generated and stored into the repository.

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About the author

Nobuyuki Aoki is a Systems Engineer/Consultant at SparqLite LLC. Technical architect, Random Programmer, and Official Plant Watcher of the glycan repository project.